Ewayvn on DNSG

Eway office HN- our design was published on Noithat & Doanhnhan SG magazine

Corporate Office Eway.vn (a leading company in the field of affiliate marketing in Vietnam) – a project designed by CATINAT design (completed in 2015) were introduced in the local academic journals of architecture, interior. Please find link above for reference.

  • DOANH NHAN SAI GON CUOI TUAN magazine No. 617 (http://epaper.doanhnhansaigon.vn/)
  • http://www.doanhnhancuoituan.com.vn/kien-truc-2/van-phong-kien-truc-2/van-phong-sang-tao.html
  • KIEN TRUC DOI SONG (Life architecture) magazine No. 112 (9/2015) (https://issuu.com/kientrucdoisong/docs/kientrucdoisong112_201509)
  • NOI THAT ( Interior) magazine No. 235 (15/08/2015)


Written by catinatdesign